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But seeing them now—not safe at home, hanging loose off a line of recruits in front of the beer hall—their beauty was made evident. Gray uniforms, gray helmets, gray mud, gray skies, gray mist, and gray men, moved as ghosts down the road as gray rain filled shell craters with gray water. Compared to the French in their red pants and blue jackets, we were invisible. Even Tommy made sure to cover their khakis with mud as soon as possible, but we came off the assembly line perfectly cast for this new barbarism.
Just started a new story. Guess what it’s about.
This is the threat to our lives. We all face it. We all operate in our society in relation to a system. Now is the system going to eat you up and relieve you of your humanity or are you going to be able to use the system to human purposes? … If the person doesn’t listen to the demands of his own spiritual and heart life and insists on a certain program, you’re going to have a schizophrenic crack-up. The person has put himself off center. He has aligned himself with a programmatic life and it’s not the one the body’s interested in at all. And the world’s full of people who have stopped listening to themselves.
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth (via amorellamoon)
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